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We are extremely cognizant of the fact that each action that is performed in the care of a tree has an effect on both the immediate & future health of the tree. We undertake each endeavor with a sense of entrusted stewardship over natural resources that enhance the life of not only the owner, but also our greater community.

Tree Pruning 
We prune with a purpose. We respect the fact that each healthy branch plays a role in the overall health of the tree. Here are our most common pruning objectives:
  • Deadwooding - removal of dead, dying or diseased limbs
  • Reduction Pruning reduces mass and potential for future branch failure
  • Corrective Pruningimproves the overall branch structure of a tree
  • Clearance Pruning - increases clearance to structures, walkways & streets
  • Crown Restoration - corrects storm damaged & improperly pruned limbs
Tree Removal 
We are in the business of making every effort to preserve trees. However, there are occasions where removal is the prudent choice. We are currently equipped to remove smaller trees in a manner that is gentle to surrounding landscape.
Girdling Root Mitigation
Stem girdling roots are very prevalent in large part due to the common practice of container grown nursery stock. If not corrected at planting, the tree's vascular system is slowly choked as it grows; starving it from water and nutrients. Over time, crown dieback is eventually followed by death. We will perform:
  • Mild Excavation - using hand tools and water to expose girdling roots near the root flare/soil level junction
  • Precision Root Pruning - once exposed, the girdling root must be cleanly severed to allow for wound closure, while also avoiding damage to the remaining root system. The larger constricted roots below are freed up to resume vascular flow; delivering much needed sugars and water 
Root Zone Invigoration
The entire root zone, or a portion thereof, may benefit from restorative measures that emulate ideal conditions found in the native environment. These may include the following:
  • Soil Aeration - 1" to 3" holes are drilled throughout the root zone, are backfilled with compost thus increasing water availability, oxygen levels & root growth  
  • Compost Layer - add layer of composted organic material containing a host of nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms
  • Coarse Mulch - regulates soil temperature and moisture; eliminates turf and weed competition for moisture & nutrients; provides long-term nutrient availability during breakdown process
  • Supplemental Nutrients - optimally balanced fertilizers & micro-nutrients provide immediate availability of deficient nutrients while longer term soil improvement programs may develop 
Fertilizer / Pesticide Application
If warranted based on our evaluation of symptoms or lab test results, we are licensed Ohio Commercial Applicators and equipped to offer these treatments:
  • Micro/Macro Nutrients - utilizing the Arborjet ® trunk injection system ensures that 100% of the required product dosage of micro- and macro-nutrients is delivered to the tree's vascular system to ensure optimal results
  • Systemic Pesticides - utilizing the Arborjet ® trunk injection system ensures that 100% of the product dosage of systemic pesticide is delivered to the vascular system to ensure best results toward pest elimination.
  • Granular Tree Fertilizer - slow release granular fertilizers are spread over root zone to provide months of availability. Leaching may occur & granules remain at soil level. Not intended for all situations.